Extraoral Film

This broad selection of extraoral dental film and matching screens can be used for all panoramic, TMJ, and cephalometric dental applications. Expect superb image quality and high resolution with no loss of film speed thanks to Carestream Dental's patented technologies.


The standard for extraoral film in the industry, T-MAT G/RA is a Green sensitive, high-contrast, 400-speed system when used with LANEX Regular Screens. Designed for use with green-emitting screens, T-MAT G/RA film is a high-contrast film with excellent image detail. Thanks to its extremely stable sensitometric characteristics, this film provides increased processing latitude and resistance to processing and handling artifacts to deliver quality images that enable efficient diagnosis.

Extraoral Film
Dental Screens and Cassettes

Screens and Cassettes

Our screens and cassettes are designed to match our extraoral films to deliver consistently high-quality radiographs. T-MAT films and LANEX Regular Screen combination provides the added benefit of reduced radiation exposure to your patient by up to 50% as compared to conventional (blue) systems.