Screens and Cassettes

Carestream’s Screens and Cassettes are designed to match our extraoral films to deliver consistently high-quality radiographs. Both the EVG and the T-MAT films and LANEX Regular Screen combination provides the added benefit of reduced radiation exposure to your patient by up to 50% as compared to conventional (blue) systems.

Dental Screens and Cassettes
Features and Benefits

All screens and cassettes are offered in standard dental sizes. Check with your distributor or call for information on particular offerings.

LANEX Regular and Medium Screens

LANEX Screens are designed for use with T-MAT/ RA Dental Film. LANEX regular screens convert X-ray energy into image-creating light more efficiently than conventional blue-light-emitting screens and provide a 400 speed system. If required by your X-Ray generator, LANEX Medium Screens provide a 200 speed system paired with T-MAT/ RA Dental Film.

The screens are sold mounted in X-OMAT Cassettes C-2 (windowless), Extraoral Cassettes or as replacement screens.

X-OMATIC Screens

X-OMATIC intensifying screens are designed for use with X-OMAT and other blue-sensitive films. These x-ray screens incorporate phosphors that convert x-ray energy into blue light for high-quality dental images. X-OMATIC screens may be ordered mounted in X-OMAT cassettes, or as replacement screens for customer mounting in cassettes.