Throughout the U.S. and worldwide, equipment decision criteria are not so different. There are clear advantages to having new, up-to-date medical devices; including gains in productivity and efficiency. Medical equipment can support the movement to reduce healthcare costs and increase its efficiency and effectiveness. This movement

The challenges and pathways to creating a unified framework for capturing, distributing and accessing clinical information. What is interoperability in healthcare? Interoperability can be described as a well-functioning central nervous system, coordinating the enterprise’s many roles and tasks toward a common end: the well-being of each

Top news includes clinical decision making, EHRs and personalized recommendations in healthcare. This week’s articles include: radiologists playing a more active role in clinical decision making; use of EHR and CPOE systems create added clerical work for doctors; new systems can deliver a doctor’s personalized recommendations to

Integrating clinical information supports the needs of the community. By Neil R. Kudler, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer, Baystate Health and Chief Operating Officer at Baycare Health Partners in Springfield. Baystate Health is an integrated delivery network (IDN) that includes five hospitals and more than 90 primary