A big congratulations to the person who correctly identified March’s Image Challenge, which was a mango. Many people identified that it was a melon, but it was definitely difficult to tell what type. We're chugging along in 2013, and we're already onto the image for April!

[caption id="attachment_4267" align="alignleft" width="120"] Ruud Vullers, Director, Global Manufacturing & Supply Chain, Carestream[/caption] Excellence has always been a key characteristic of Carestream. From our people, to our products, right down the individual steps in our processes—we ensure excellence is weaved throughout our entire organization. We call

Congratulations to those who correctly identified February's Image Challenge, which was an electric razor: Below is the image for March, 2013, and we think it might stump some of you. The challenge will run until March 31. Please leave your answer in either the comment section below