Carestream goes to extremes…

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Helen Titus

Helen Titus, Marketing Director, X-ray Solutions, Carestream

Over the Polar Ice.

Right now, Carestream is on a six-month trek across the frigid Antarctic continent. Well, none of our people are actually on the trip – but one of our flagship products is.

On March 21st, a small team of explorers set off on “The Coldest Journey.” They will attempt to conquer the last major challenge of polar exploration: to cross the Antarctic continent in winter. They’ll travel for six months, across 2,480 miles, at temperatures that can fall to –129F. During this perilous expedition, the team needs the ability to provide advanced medical care if needed – including diagnostic X-ray capabilities. The expedition’s doctor, Rob Lambert, knew that any X-ray system going on this journey would need to be exceptionally rugged, small, light and easy to operate. He chose the CARESTREAM DRX Transportable / Field Portable X-ray System.

The DRX-Transportable is a durable, all-in-one digital solution. It includes the DRX wireless detector, all electronics, a wireless access point and a tablet PC – all securely packed in a tough, protective case. Designed for easy portability, this is a system the expedition can depend on. Check out The Coldest Journey’s website.

Under the Desert Sun

The DRX-Transportable is even built to be rugged enough for military applications. This video* (also shown below) demonstrates how quickly the portable system can be deployed to evaluate serious battle injuries sustained by soldiers in desert combat – and in virtually any other environment as well.

The DRX-Transportable’s mobility and and wireless performance also make it ideal for disaster relief, EMT use, and travel to nursing homes and in-home care.

*Video is a bronze winner of the 34th Annual Telly Awards


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