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Diagnostic Reading #1: Five “Must Read” Articles on Medical Imaging

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Trends from 2020 and for the future of medical imaging are in the news.

This week’s articles in Diagnostic Reading include: 3 forces shaping the future of radiology; key trends from 2020 from RSNA; AI predictions for 2021; ABR releases remote testing guidelines; and RSNA announces first COVID-19 database publication.

Radiologist holding detector for imaging - in orange preset
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Key trends shaping the future of radiology – Everything Rad

Clearly, as we enter 2021, the world is in an intense state of flux — and so is the field of radiology. Everything Rad drills down into the specifics of 3 trends and their likely impacts on diagnostic imaging in the years to come. The trends discussed are changing demographics, the rise of chronic disease, and patients’ expanding role in their own care.

Top trend takeaways in radiology from RSNA 2020 – Imaging Technology News

The key trends observed at the virtual Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) meeting focused on COVID-19 and the impact it has had on radiology. How can the industry learn from that critical information? This article addresses important takeaways from RSNA 2020, including the need for change in attitude and acceptance of artificial intelligence (AI) in radiology and a renewed value in partnerships. Read our blog series on COVID-19 and radiology.

3 predictions for radiology AI in 2021 – AuntMinnie

Last year was significant for radiology artificial intelligence (AI), with more algorithms cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the first Medicare new technology add-on payment (NTAP) approval for AI in radiology, according to an industry expert. He shared three predictions for the world of radiology AI in 2021—including an increased focus on concrete categories of radiology AI, e.g., acute triage and notification, screening, communication and population health.

ABR releases details on remote exam process – Radiology Business

The American Board of Radiology (ABR) released details on its remote examination process as the doc-certification group shifts to a virtual test-taking environment amid the COVID-19 pandemic. These guidelines include crucial information, including where exams may be taken and what’s allowed in the room on the day of a test. ABR first announced plans to transition to virtual exams last June, following intense pressure from the field. The diagnostic radiology and interventional core exams are slated to run remotely in February.

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RSNA announces publication of COVID-19 data set – DOTmed HealthCare Business News

The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) and the RSNA COVID-19 AI Task Force announced that the first annotated data set from the RSNA International COVID-19 Open Radiology Database (RICORD) has been published. RSNA launched RICORD in mid-2020 with the goal of building the largest open database of anonymized COVID-19 medical images in the world. It is freely available to the global research and education communities to gain new insights, apply new tools such as artificial intelligence and deep learning and accelerate clinical recognition of this novel disease.



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