Top Medical Imaging Blogs of 2020

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COVID, radiology administration topics, and patient care and safety make the list.

Which topics interested readers of Everything Rad the most in 2020? COVID-19 and its impact on radiology imaging and administration was a prominent topic of course. However, evergreen subjects like productivity, patient care, and image quality and dose also interested visitors to the Everything Rad blog site. Enjoy reading our summary of the top medical imaging blogs of 2020.

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Everything Rad summarizes the top blogs in medical imaging in 2020.

Medical imaging trends in 2020 – and beyond

The healthcare industry is always striving to make healthcare more effective. In medical imaging, this translates to improving diagnosis while keeping dose as low as possible. Perhaps that is why readers were very interested in this blog that explores four significant technology innovations that will help improve diagnosis while keeping dose as low as possible – trends that will undoubtedly persist into 2021.

  • Faster acquisition enables improved image quality
  • Gains in optimal dose efficiency
  • 2D image capture evolving to 3D
  • AI as a supplemental lens for medical image analysis

The impact of the coronavirus on radiology

It’s no surprise that blogs related to the impact of COVID-19 on the radiology profession received a lot of interest. Medical imaging professionals who are on the front lines in medical imaging shared their experiences and lessons learned in the following blogs.

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Increasing productivity in radiology

Radiology administrators are constantly looking for ways to improve productivity in the imaging department. In this informative blog, we share existing and new features that make image capture more efficient; and the roles of standardization and integration in improving productivity.

Keeping imaging exams moving smoothly also requires equipment that is in optimal working order. Read the blog on 6 Recommendations for X-ray Equipment Care and Maintenance written by one of our experienced field technicians.

Image quality and dose

Image quality and dose go hand in hand as we strive for higher-quality images without a dose penalty. This explains why many readers were interested in the blog on our Dose-Efficient Dual Energy: the New Standard in Chest X-rays. The blog explains Carestream’s patented dual energy method that delivers excellent image quality at a similar entrance exposure as a standard PA chest X-ray.

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Many other readers spent a few minutes reading about the science behind X-ray noise in this blog on Understanding and Managing Noise Sources in X-ray Imaging.

Radiology administration strategies

We are grateful to the radiology administrators who found time in their busy schedules this year to share their experiences with others. Ron Jones MSRS, RT (R, CT) ARRT wrote a 2-part series on Staffing the Radiology Department.

Kernesha S. Weatherly, Director of Radiology at UAB Medicine, shared her 6 Steps to Become a More Effective Radiology Administrator.

And we developed a blog on 3 Radiology Administration Strategies: streamline image capture workflow, maximize asset utilization and strengthen cybersecurity.

Patient care and safety initiatives

Last, but certainly not the least important, several guest authors shared their initiatives for improving patient care and safety.

Dr. Teresa Martin-Carreras and Dr. Tessa S. Cook from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania wrote about the role of Imaging Informatics in Improving Patient Care in Radiology.

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Neena Kapoor, Quality and Safety Officer, Department of Radiology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital; and Assistant Professor at the Harvard Medical School, wrote about Radiology’s Role in the Patient Experience.

Dr. Cheryl Turner, a radiation therapist for over 30 years and an educator for 15 of those years, wrote a 2-part series on Patient Safety Issues in Radiology.

Thank you medical imaging professionals

I hope you enjoyed this review of the top medical imaging blogs of 2020. As we exit 2020, we want to sincerely thank everyone in the medical imaging profession for your hard work and dedication during this extremely difficult year. We know that radiographers, radiologic technologists, radiology administrators and radiologists were on the front lines alongside others in healthcare.

We recognize and applaud your contributions. Please accept the sincere appreciation expressed by Carestream employees worldwide in this video.

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