Mobile X-ray Imaging is Evolving at a Rapid Pace

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Today’s portable systems are smaller, safer during transport, and more affordable than ever.

Since its introduction, mobile X-ray imaging has quickly emerged as an essential modality. And for good reason – because when every patient who needs an imaging exam has to be transported to an X-ray room, disadvantages can abound.

Frail or critically ill patients can experience discomfort or trauma while being moved. Workflow slows, productivity drops, and costs can escalate. Worst of all, exams, diagnoses and treatment might be delayed.

Currently, according to Radiology Today (1), providers are looking for more than just the basic concept of transportability. For example, in Volume 19, Issue 7, Keith Loria wrote, “A mobile system design without the distraction of a tall X-ray tube column blocking the technologist’s line of sight while driving and maneuvering the machine has become the gold standard in the industry today.”

Image of Owl with texts - "Clear View! Insired by Nature. Designed my Carestream" and image of DRX Nano product.

Carestream’s solution for mobile X-ray imaging

Carestream Health has leveraged the robust features of its flagship DRX-Revolution to create the small and compact DRX-Revolution Nano Mobile X-ray System. Its low-profile design and automatic collapsible column gives the user complete line-of-sight visibility when transporting the system.  It also delivers high performance and full DR image quality, scaled down to make it a highly affordable choice.

Many of the Nano System’s features were inspired by Mother Nature herself. Intrigued? Check out these brief videos to learn more.

Portrait image of Carestream employee

Sarah Verna is Carestream’s Worldwide Marketing Manager for X-Ray Solutions.

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1 Radiology Today, Volume 19, Issue 7, Mobile DR Advances, Keith Loria


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