The Intersection of CARESTREAM MPS and the IoT

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Helping radiologists navigate transformative change.

Just as the world is changing, so is healthcare. The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving a smarter, more connected world and healthcare is not exempt from its transformative impact. According to research firm Gartner, Inc., there were 6.4 billion devices on the IoT in 2016, 11 billion devices in 2018, and we’re poised to exceed 20 billion devices by 2020.

We are just starting to see the effects of smart, connected technologies in healthcare. Already, there are nearly 4 million medical devices in use that are connected to and monitor various parts of the body to inform healthcare decisions. (1)

Adoption and use of IoT technologies in healthcare also have been heavily influenced by patients becoming more involved and invested in their health. Commonly used devices like fitness trackers and at-home health monitoring devices are evidence that the IoT is a game-changer. While healthcare IoT applications are still in their infancy, some hospitals are already using IoT technology for inventory management and workflow optimization in diagnostic imaging. (2)

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CARESTREAM’s MPS leverages the Internet of Things to drive workflow innovation.

IoT — driving radiology workflow innovation

CARESTREAM Managed Print Solutions (MPS) is a prime example of how radiology departments can leverage the IoT to drive workflow innovation. MPS is an all-in-one, advanced print management solution for diagnostic imaging that tracks a facility’s laser imaging film use, remotely monitors inventory levels, and provides automated delivery of film when needed. It frees radiology staff to focus on serving patients and providing superior care — rather than worrying about film shortages or ordering film.

Our MPS team takes responsibility for virtually everything from monitoring and delivering consumables to providing the latest DRYVIEW equipment and software updates. Following an analysis of your printing infrastructure, Carestream provides your radiology facility with a strategic print-management plan customized to meet your needs including:

  • DRYVIEW Laser Imager(s) matched to your printing environment
  • Automatic replenishment of DRYVIEW Laser Imaging Film
  • Access to an exclusive web portal that simplifies management
  • Dedicated customer service support for the term of the agreement
  • User demonstration and training
  • Solid security and data protection

A holistic view of imager and film data

The CARESTREAM MPS program features an exclusive web portal that enables radiology facilities to see all of their data in one place to support business decisions. The portal eliminates surprises and the administrative overhead of managing film use, inventory tracking, procurement, and billing. We use our CARESTREAM Smart Link remote technology to track your imagers and film usage data — and display the data on a dashboard that is accessible to you anytime, anywhere. Through the portal, users can see their contract, billing statements, inventory records, film shipment status, and service records.

With the Smart Link connectivity, we also remotely monitor your laser imagers to diagnose and resolve issues before they hinder productivity. And when an imager needs service, our technicians are aware of the issue before arriving on-site to fix the problem and get it up and running again. MPS also covers installation if an imager needs to be replaced.

Serving more patients, reducing costs

As radiology departments contend with serving a growing aging population, they are looking for ways to increase productivity and continue to deliver high quality care with reduced capital, operating budgets, and staff. MPS is aligned with these changing dynamics in radiology.

MPS provides all-inclusive pricing that can help reduce a radiology facility’s operational costs over time. It covers equipment, installation, service and film—there’s no capital investment. And you pay as you go.

There’s no costly expedited shipments, unplanned costs for service requests, or time wasted generating repetitive purchase orders. It can also eliminate unplanned expenditures for critical part replacements and service requests.

Getting ahead of the IoT curve

Smart, connected technology is advancing at a rapid pace. The question is no longer if the IoT will change healthcare, but how and when. As you consider its impact on your radiology practice, you can make the smart choice now to remove time-consuming activities like print management from your workflow with CARESTREAM MPS. By doing so, you can focus on your mission of providing superior patient care.

Abel Espinosa, CarestreamAbel Espinosa is Carestream’s Worldwide Product Manager of Managed Print Solutions. Abel has held leadership positions in Carestream’s Latin American Region, Finance, and Product Management during his 26 years at Kodak and Carestream. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City and his MBA from the University of Minnesota.


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