Carestream Expands DRX Detector Portfolio for Diagnostic Imaging

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Growing portfolio supports diverse healthcare facilities.

Carestream transformed diagnostic imaging with the launch of our first wireless detector. The innovation continues today with our expanded detector portfolio that includes our DRX Plus and DRX Core detectors.

CARESTREAM DRX Plus detectors in 35 x 43 cm and 43 x 43 cm sizes offer a choice of gadolinium (GOS) or higher-resolution cesium (CsI). These detectors are available in the United States and Canada as well as many countries in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Carestream also offers a small-format DRX 2530C cesium detector designed for use with pediatric and NICU patients as well as for tabletop imaging.

DRX Plus detectors offer rapid image capture to help users achieve a streamlined workflow and deliver excellent DQE (detective quantum efficiency) to enhance image quality and lower dose. In addition, DRX Plus detectors have an IPX Level 57 rating for liquid resistance to the IEC standard 60529. A reduced weight and thinner profile allow even easier handling for radiology imaging.

We’ve also modified the Bucky in our DRX-Evolution Plus and DRX-Ascend systems to accept the larger-format DRX Plus 4343 detectors, which also can be used with the CARESTREAM DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray System.

DRX Core detectors serve diverse imaging facilities

Our DRX Core detectors are designed to make high-quality DR imaging affordable for smaller imaging centers and hospitals, as well as urgent care facilities, specialty clinics, and mobile imaging service providers. The DRX Core portfolio includes wireless gadolinium and cesium detectors in 35 x 43 cm and 43 x 43 cm sizes—as well as fixed 43 x 43 cm detectors with both scintillators.

DRX Core detectors can be used with Carestream’s DRX-Ascend System, DRX-Mobile Retrofit Kits and our new Motion Mobile X-ray System (INVESTIGATIONAL-Not available for commercial sale). Up to two DRX Core detectors can be registered with each system at any time. Facilities can have a combination of eight DRX detectors registered with DIRECTVIEW Software on each imaging system for simultaneous use.

DRX Core detectors deliver a preview image in three seconds and full-resolution display in 12 seconds. They use the same battery as DRX Plus and DRX-1 detectors and can be used with Carestream’s DIRECTVIEW software or Image Suite software.

Want to learn more? See the video below and visit our website to see our full line of detectors and other innovative solutions for radiology imaging.

Sarah Verna

Sarah Verna is a Worldwide Marketing Manager at Carestream.


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