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Top Five Blogs of 2015 on Image Capture Devices from Everything Rad

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Since we just left 2015, it is a popular time of year to take a look back at the blogs that generated the highest interest
throughout the year. In this summary, we look at some of the most popular Everything Rad blog of 2015 covering technology advancements in ultrasound, full imaging rooms, fluoroscopy and weight bearing imaging.

  1. The Potential Value of Weight Bearing Images Acquired by Cone Beam CT – John M. Marzo, MD, discusses an institutional IRB-approved clinical study to comparing measurements obtained on a conventional CT scanner to those obtained on the prototype portable CBCT scanner – while the patient is standiThumb Up X-ray photong.
  1. Carestream’s New Fluoroscopy System [Demo] – The DRX-Excel Plus is shown in action. The video takes you through the various capabilities of this new fluoroscopy technology, including the various features and settings on its control panel and the different positions available on the system for a variety of exams.
  1. What’s the Big Deal about GPUs in Ultrasound Imaging? – If you’ve wondered how a little video game box could produce and destroy high-resolution, 3D fantasy worlds in the blink of an eye, look no further than the console’s graphics processing unit or GPU. GPUs are better equipped than CPUs – the central processing unit that processes data in most computers – to quickly compute functions and algorithms related to rendering images.
  1. Ergonomics Using the CARESTREAM Touch Ultrasound System [Video] – Carolyn T. Coffin, MPH, RDMS, RVT, RDCS, Sound Ergonomics, LLC, demonstrates in this video the ergonomic design of the CARESTREAM Touch Ultrasound System.
  1. A Closer Look at the New DRX-Evolution Plus System – The features and capabilities of next evolutionary stage of the CARESTREAM DRX-Evolution System: the CARESTREAM DRX-Evolution Plus are explored.




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