Automated DRX-Evolution Maximizes Both Productivity and Patient Comfort

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Tim Sisco, Director of Cardiovascular and Imaging Services, Houston Healthcare

Tim Sisco,
Director of Cardiovascular and Imaging Services,
Houston Healthcare

We were looking for a new DR system that would deliver maximum productivity in our busiest radiology room, which captures 40,000 X-ray images of ER and general radiology patients at our 237-bed hospital. Our staff needed maximum productivity and versatility—and we found it with the CARESTREAM DRX-Evolution System. With this dual-detector system, our technologists are able to quickly and easily position patients for any type of exam. When an exam type is selected, the fully automated system moves the tube into position with the Bucky or table and then the technologist positions the patient. It easily accommodates patients on stretchers or wheelchairs and streamlines the capture of complex cross table and spine exams often required for trauma patients. Technologists view each image on the tube head and are able to move to the next image without leaving the patient’s side.

Exposures were reduced by 40-50 percent even though we had a DR system in the room previously. Morale has improved because this system reduces wear and tear on technologists by eliminating the need for them to constantly move the tube. And patients also benefit because we are able to capture excellent quality images with lower exposures and less discomfort. This system has been a valuable addition to our hospital and helps us enhance patient care.


Carestream’s DRX-Evolution scored highest for overall performance in a recently released KLAS Digital X-ray report. Please visit for more information on our highly productive family of wireless DRX systems.


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