RSNA Presentation: Carestream’s DRX Improves Image Quality, Workflow and Turnaround

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Jim Sehnert, Carestream

In case you missed it, a presentation at RSNA today was centered on the added benefits that digital radiography brings to healthcare facilities. If you weren’t able to make it, here are the main findings:

Recently, a study was conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital in which chest images of 80 ICU patients were collected. Radiologists compared CR images to images of the same patient taken with a Carestream DRX-Detector. The team found that the DR images were clearly better than CR images for visibility of tubes and lines, and the edge-enhanced DR images were helpful in evaluating the patients. They concluded that the use of wireless DR for chest radiography in the ICU can provide similar or better information compared to CR—while enabling quicker turnaround time and smoother workflow.

To learn more about CARESTREAM DRX technology and how it can benefit your facility, visit us at RSNA 2012 in South Hall, or visit


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