Video: AHRA Attendees Finally Get Their Hands on the DRX-Revolution

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Don Thompson, Digital Capture Solutions, Marketing Manager, Carestream U.S. & Canada

Don Thompson, Digital Capture Solutions, Marketing Manager, Carestream U.S. & Canada

At last year’s annual meeting of the Association for Medical Imaging Management, radiology administrators had an opportunity to view a quick presentation and provide feedback on Carestream’s prototype DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray System, which was not yet commercially available. A lot has changed in a year. The DRX-Revolution is now commercially available, and attendees at last week’s AHRA 2012 meeting finally got to see the product firsthand to see if our design addressed the needs users voiced:

Mobility – “There is a common fear of running into someone or something with a portable x-ray machine. The big column in the middle of the unit obstructs an operator’s view.”

  • So easy to maneuver, you can make a 360-degree turn while steering it with just one hand.
  • An automatic collapsible column shrinks the system to just over four feet tall, giving you complete visibility when moving the system to any location.
  • A long tubehead reach gives you easy access to the patient in crowded rooms.

Image Quality – “We discovered technologists didn’t use the grid for mobile imaging because of the challenging workflow parameters.”

  • Unique Tube & Grid Alignment System optimizes image quality and encourages grid use.
  • DRX-Revolution offers prior image review including techniques and exposure history by using query/retrieve from PACS.
  • Optional tube and line visualization software instantly verifies placement of tubes and peripherally inserted central catheter lines in seriously ill or injured patients.

Workflow: “Radiologic technologists wear gloves. They bag detectors when going to patient beds to avoid the transfer of disease. They clean their equipment with sanitizing wipes. But the mobile x-ray imaging unit they drive does not carry any of these tools.”

  • Touch screen monitors at both the tube head and main display provide two work zones just like a stationary DR room.
  • Position quickly with the lightweight, wireless DRX detector that eliminates trip hazards and reduces the spread of infection.
  • On-board bins keep gloves, sanitizer, paperwork, markers and lockable detector storage at your fingertips.

The imaging managers from Health First in Florida and Seton Highland Lakes Hospital in Texas both took test drives of the DRX-Revolution at the show and were kind enough to offer insight into portable imaging at their facilities, as well as their impression of the DRX-Revolution:

Did you take the DRX-Revolution for a test drive at AHRA? What did you think? 


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