Bedside Imaging at San Antonio’s University Hospital

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Andy Mendoza

Andy Mendoza, Medical Sales, Carestream

Living in Helotes, Texas – a suburb of San Antonio – I, like many residents, have sense of pride about the hospitals in our area.  U.S. News & World Report’s ranking of “best hospitals” for 52 U.S. metropolitan areas, featured five San Antonio hospitals, placing University Hospital  at #1 and ranked nationally. We can feel good about the care available to us in this area.

On Friday, San Antonio’s local news station, KENS 5, took a look at new bedside imaging technology at University Hospital that is speeding the radiology process and allowing radiologists and physicians to make faster diagnosis. [ Click the Image Below to View]

Click to ViewI worked closely with the hospital on their decision to invest in this Carestream DRX-Revolution Mobile X-Ray System.  As KENS 5 reported, with 12 floors to tackle on rounds, 140 patient x-rays per day and more than 4,000 images a month, the hospital needed a portable unit that was easy to transport and could transmit images in seconds for real-time decisions.

It was nice to see medical imaging getting some mainstream attention. University Hospital’s director of radiology Rick Pena said it best: “When you have good image quality, you feel good about the diagnostics that you provide.”

As a member of the local community, I also hope stories like these make us feel good about the caliber of care available to us in San Antonio.

What role does bedside imaging play in your department’s approach to patient care? 

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