Radiology Image Challenge – What is it? Tell Us at RSNA

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The guesses for this month’s image challenge made us hungry – watermelon, pomegranate, cantaloupe, pumpkin – yum!

Congratulations to Ben Panter who was the first person to correctly identify the subject of our challenge–a delicious butternut squash!

Butternut Squash X-Ray

Today is the first day of our challenge for November.  Here’s the next image:


This month’s challenge runs until December 5.  The first person to correctly identify the subject of the x-ray will be the winner.  Happy guessing!

Attending RSNA in Chicago Nov. 27 to Dec. 2 and love our image challenge?

Come see us in Carestream’s social media area in booth #1611 in Lakeside Center, Hall D of McCormick Place:

  • Participate in a live image challenge – get an early look at December’s image. Stop by between 9 am and noon to  submit your guess. December’s challenge will have one RSNA winner and an online winner. Can’t get to the booth until later in the week – no worries, we have more images to test your skills!
  • Help us build next year’s challenge – Recommend an item for next year’s challenge. If it makes the cut, we’ll take the x-ray and give you credit for the suggestion.  Could your image completely stump everyone? Submit your idea for future bragging rights.

Hope to see you at RSNA!

Sorry… Carestream employees and their agencies are prohibited from entering. 


  • reply

    Alexander Schumm

    it looks like an xray of a single blackberry (the fruit, obviously).

  • reply


    an ear of corn?

  • reply

    Janet Larsen

    A pine cone?

  • reply


    Is the xray above of a Black berries or Raspberries…

    Hope this is where i leave my guess.

    Sergio yniguez..

  • reply


    looks like a blossoming flower.

  • reply

    Andrew Durocher

    A Seed Pod

  • reply

    Terry Krushel

    African Violet

  • reply

    Wendy Mellen


  • reply

    A magnified view of popcorn?

  • reply

    Carestream Health

    Lonn Myronuk, MD (@GeriPsych) is this month’s EverythingRad winner – garlic! Check out December’s image and share your ideas for next year’s challenge.


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