Brenda Silva

We Must Embrace RSNA’s “Celebrate the Image” Theme

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Editors Note: We asked Brenda Silva, new product editor at Medical Imaging International,  for her thoughts on the hot topics she expects at RSNA 2011.

Emerging technologies have always paved the way for the latest medical advancements, with none more arguably important than the current options available in the field of medical imaging. Long gone are the days of waiting in a hospital emergency room for a routine x-ray that, because of its limitations, often required additional diagnostic test procedures. The subsequent tests were usually a time-consuming process, which often also

Brenda Silva

Brenda Silva, New Product Editor, Medical Imaging International

created unnecessary stress and out-of-pocket costs for the patient.

Today’s radiology professionals have a plethora of systems, modalities, and software that serve as some of the most efficient tools available for patient diagnosis and treatment. The same radiologists who were relegated to performing x-ray after x-ray in the past have come out of their dark offices and into the light, acting as valuable liaisons with other healthcare professionals. Physicians now look to radiologists to play an integral role throughout the treatment process, and benefit from working together towards the optimal health and wellbeing of all patients.

As we approach this year’s RSNA annual meeting, we must embrace the theme of “Celebrate the Image,” and remain proactive about learning more about the latest technologies that will be discussed and/or displayed. As with most advancements in the medical imaging industry, we should acknowledge historical events, but also be excited about what the future holds. Lucky for us, we get a glimpse into the future in just a few weeks, and I for one can’t wait to be there.


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