Clinic delivers mammography results to patients in 15 minutes

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At our facility, every woman who has a mammogram gets an immediate diagnosis as part of her office visit. We believe in delivering real-time results because it eases our patients’ fears. Many come in for a mammogram because a friend or family member has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Others come back because a previous mammogram was inconclusive. The last thing they need is to wait days or even weeks for a diagnosis.

With PACS and digital mammography systems, there is no reason for any mammography patient to wait. Our radiology group’s office recently implemented a CR system from Carestream Health that performs both mammograms and general radiology exams. This CR system, along with CT and MR systems, is linked to our miniPACS. Our radiologists read exams in real-time and then discuss the results with patients. We believe this develops trust and enhances patient care.

The clinic conducts images for about 60 patients a day, including 20 mammograms. In these difficult financial times, reducing uncertainty in health care and other areas of life is especially important.

How long do your patients wait for imaging results? Do patients exhibit concern over waiting for a diagnosis?

—Radiologist Jennings Pressly, MD, Diagnostic Centers of the Carolinas, Simpsonville, SC

Editor’s Note: The views expressed by guest bloggers are soley those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect those of Carestream Health.


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    Quick diagnosis and discussing the treatment is always appreciated by patients. I believe this is only possible only when health care institutions are deployed with PACS techonology. Thanks to it.


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