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Helen Darling, President of National Business Group on Health, opened this year’s AHRA conference today with some sobering but much needed information on the state of healthcare in America. In detailing the potentially disastrous consequences that will come from healthcare costs that are increasing at exponential rates because Americans are using more services than ever before—-it’s clear that medical imaging and healthcare IT suppliers can help in the fight to control and lower costs by encouraging healthcare institutions to implement aggressive quality improvement plans that can result in significant savings.

Photo courtesy of AHRA

With 10% of US healthcare costs being spent on diagnostic imaging—-an area of care that is critical to improved patient care and outcomes but is overused at some facilities—genuine collaboration between suppliers and healthcare providers to lower radiology costs and improve productivity can help save precious healthcare dollars.

With workers forgoing pay raises to fund healthcare, and where the national average for healthcare spending by a family of four has surpassed $18,000 per year, aggressive plans to improve the productivity of radiology services while continuing to raise the standard of patient care provided can make a much needed contribution to the monumental challenge Americans face in improving healthcare for generations to come at a price we can all afford.

Did you attend this morning’s keynote speaker?  What was your perspective?

AHRA will be featuring this as well as other updates of the annual meeting on the organization’s blog.  Likewise, we’ll continue to reflect upon what we’re learning throughout the week here and on our other online channels. 


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