Robin Wible talks about service in Memorial’s DRX installations.

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Note to reader: This is the second in a series of interviews with Robin Wible, Director of Imaging at Memorial Hospital (York, PA), who recently completed the purchase and installation of a DRX-1.

“Service has been very good, very responsive, in fact we do quarterly reports for radiation safety, and my chief technologist had a lot of good things to say about the DRX-1—about the uptime, and the service, and the quality, and also the reduction in radiation. We have a radiology school here and the director of the school came over one day and was really impressed with the technology.  She thought the Carestream product was really unique and was very impressed. We looked at the traditional products too, but we liked the Carestream sales team and the product and we just took it from there.

Many individuals from Memorial Hospital have been very open in giving their feedback of the CARESTREAM DRX System.  Their extended comments can be found here.

What’s important about service to you? Have you ever had a memorable service experience?

Robin Wible, Director of Imaging, Memorial Hospital


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