Detecting Silicosis and Lung Cancer Early with Portable X-ray Device

Transportable Carestream detector brings chest X-rays directly to worker sites

Exposure to fine dust containing fine particles of sand known as Respirable Crystalline SilicaIDC and their Carestream portable X-ray device (RCS) can cause irreversible lung damage in the form of nodules of scar tissue which can take years to develop. Early detection of the condition is essential and a portable X-ray medical imaging device from Carestream allows us to deliver chest X-ray screening directly to workers at their place of work.

Symptoms related to advanced silicosis can include coughing and breathing difficulties. According to the Health and Safety Executive, people who have silicosis and/or have been exposed to RCS also carry a higher risk of developing other medical conditions such as lung cancer, tuberculosis, kidney disease and arthritis. Continue reading