Inspired by Nature.
Designed by Carestream.

Introducing the DRX-Revolution Nano Mobile X-ray System.

Get Inspired

When we designed the new
DRX Revolution Nano Mobile X-ray System,
we found inspiration in Mother Nature.

From the tiny size of a chipmunk,
to a grasshopper's articulating arms,
from a cheetah's speed and agility,
to the wide field of vision of the owl,
and even the tusks of an elephant.

Welcome to a
nature-inspired revolution.

Take a closer look at the animals that inspired superb
DR mobile performance at a highly economical price.

Small and Affordable.

Innovation on the move.

To create the Revolution Nano, we took our original, feature-rich DRX-Revolution, and scaled it down by using Carbon Nano Tube Technology. So the Nano is small – not quite as small as a chipmunk, but still pretty small. And with its reduced size, it comes with a smaller price.

This little Revolution is a great fit for small, cluttered spaces – and a great fit for tight budgets too.

Articulating Arm.

A longer reach.

Like a grasshopper’s leg, our articulating arm unfolds and extends to reach out over the patient’s bed.

The Revolution Nano’s articulating arm makes positioning a breeze.

Swift and Agile.

See how it runs!

Hallways are often crowded. Patient rooms can be small and cluttered. ERs, and the ICU are notoriously difficult to navigate. And time is always of the essence. That’s why we made the Revolution Nano swift and agile like a cheetah.

Experience innovation on the move with the Revolution Nano.

Wide Range of Sight.

Look at all you see!

Like an owl, you need to be able to see everything around you, so the Nano gives you a wide, clear 180-degree view.

The Revolution Nano allows technologists to move down hallways with ease and a clear line of site.


An Enormous Benefit.

You wouldn’t want to grab an elephant by the tusks – but with the Revolution Nano, go right ahead! These tusks, with their unique design, help boost technologist convenience and efficiency.

You’ll love how easy it is to position the Nano's tube head and adjust the collimator controls.

360 view

Superb Performance Any Way You Look At It.

View the Nano from every side, and get the full perspective on its features and benefits.

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