What is the Magic Combination?

To experience our The Magic Combination, watch the video. Michael Hornback, Carestream Clinical Collaboration Platform Specialist

The Magic Combination is the synthesis of three modules, all native to the Clinical Collaboration Platform. Together, they take radiology workflow to new heights of efficiency, quality and speed.

The first module, our Workflow Orchestrator, links the most critical studies with the most appropriate radiologist – based on areas of expertise, availability and workload. The second module, Interactive Reporting with advanced algorithms, contains dynamic hyperlinks for immediate access to key findings. All of these functionalities flow through the third module: our zero-footprint enterprise viewer that improves the efficiency for radiologist.

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Improve Your Workflow with the Magic Combination

The consolidation of the Orchestrator, the Interactive Multimedia Reporting and the Enterprise Viewer helps provide meaningful, actionable, high-value data. Achieving a balance between quality and cost is essential: the three modules enhance the workflow thanks to simultaneous data sharing.

The Orchestrator enhances clinical collaboration via chat, as well as through screen- and context-sharing between radiologists, techs and referring physicians through our Enterprise Viewer Module.

The Interactive Reporting Module responds to voice commands and allows exam data to be inserted directly into reports. This permits radiologists to quickly review and approve final reports, while adding clinical context for referring physicians.

The convergence of these three modules gives physicians fast access to pertinent information – allowing close consultation and collaboration.

The Workflow Orchestrator automatically chooses the best radiologist to read each exam.

The Workflow Orchestrator Module Elevates the Quality of Diagnosis by Orchestrating Priorities.

If you’re challenged with balancing a complex radiology workflow and prioritizing critical exams, the Workflow Orchestrator Module can save you the time spent searching for the right exam to assign. The Orchesterator automatically chooses the right radiologist, based on areas of expertise, availability and workload.

Discover the Workflow Orchestrator Module

The Interactive Multimedia Reporting Module Reduces Turnaround Time.

This Module simplifies the reporting process, allowing a single click or voice command to integrate all findings to create a living report – a report with hyperlinks to the relevant images.

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Dramatically slash reporting time with our Interactive Multimedia Reporting Module.
Our Enterprise Viewer was recognized with a 2019 KLAS Category Leader Award.

The 2019 Best-in-KLAS Enterprise Viewer Module Seamlessly Shares Images and Multimedia Reports

Now it’s easy for physicians to consult the patient’s entire clinical portfolio, as well as access data from a variety of clinical systems. Thanks to an intuitive user interface, the vendor-agnostic viewer can display DICOM or non-DICOM data sets side by side. This platform-independent technology provides access from multiple operating systems and Web browsers with HTML5 operating platforms – including PCs, Mac and validated mobile devices. The lightweight viewer encourages collaboration using chat, live screen-sharing between clinicians, and supports sticky notes communication.

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