Image Processing That’s Out of This World.

A solar eclipse is a celestial wonder…as it transpires, planets and stars otherwise invisible in the daytime sky are suddenly revealed to human eyes. And like its namesake, Eclipse has the power to bring fine detail to light in unique and remarkable ways.

Where It All Begins.

At its heart, Eclipse uses powerful, proprietary algorithms to provide automated and robust image processing that deliver superb image quality and consistent presentation. It is the foundation that enables numerous advanced image processing features.

What’s Your Favorite Look?

Some facilities prefer a radiograph with strong detail contrast.  Others opt for a look that’s brighter, one that’s sharper or one that displays wider latitude.  Our EVP Plus feature allows you to select from a range of default looks… or customize your look through a simple user interface.

Independent controls for brightness, latitude, detail contrast, sharpness and noise let you create precisely look you need.

Explore New Frontiers.

With the power of Eclipse, you’ll find a new universe of viewing capabilities -- adjusting, manipulating and viewing your images your way – and in tune with each patient’s condition. 

  • EVP (Enhanced Visualization Processing) Plus
  • Tube and line Visualization
  • Bone Suppression
  • Pneumothorax Visualization
  • Pediatric Capabilities
  • SmartGrid
  • Long-Length Imaging

Experience Eclipse, and see image processing in a whole new light.

Let’s Keep Talking.

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