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To order the disposables for Hologic tables and for MammoTest tables is 866 927-1018



Carestream Health Inc. is the only Fischer Imaging factory authorized MammoTest and SenoScan Service Provider.  As your one stop location for all your Fischer Imaging support we offer full, comprehensive service contracts or pay-as-you-go support agreements.

Need parts?  We have service parts in inventory to support your site.

Need Technical Service Training or an Applications Consulting refresher? We offer both.

Going digital? We can help manage your DICOM images, with industry standard protocols

Moving or relocating your system? Let us guarantee your success with our relocation program.

Selling your equipment or looking for a reconditioned unit? Call us and we’ll help you find a buyer or seller.

Of course, the best way to extend the life of your equipment is to protect the expensive electronic components.  Drapes can help protect your Autoguide and make the clean up between patients quick and easy. We provide MammoDrape™ for Fischer and Siemens MammoTest equipment at affordable prices.
Carestream Health also supplies a cost-effective MammoTray™ biopsy kit to meet your needs. 
Carestream Health is committed to support your investment for years to come. 

We offer 8 AM -5 PM, Monday through Friday Service Agreements, with a choice of Glass or No Glass coverage.  If you have a factory trained engineer, we can offer Full-Partnership service agreements that will help you save more money.  For more information call 1 (888) 600-3944

Time and Materials:
If you need service support or preventive maintenance but do not have a service agreement, we can help you.  Call 1 (800) 328-2910 prompt #2, and place a call for service.

Service Parts:
We offer a complete inventory of service parts for Fischer products.  Please call 1 (866) 927-1018 for price and availability.
Technical Service Training and Applications Consulting:
This service is provided for Fischer Imaging Products.  You can find more information by calling 1 (800) 810-0327.

Relocation Service:
If you need to relocate your SenoScan or MammoTest, we can do it for you.  We can provide the service with a package price that includes everything.  Call 1 (214) 295-8832 for more details.

DICOM Images:
Carestream Health offers upgrades to older MammoTest tables to a Windows PC that can process DICOM images.  This upgrade will allow you to send images to any DICOM device.  For more information please call 1 (214) 295-8832. 
Keep your equipment clean, minimize contamination, and maximize your equipment life.  Cover you valuable asset.  Includes:  one (1) table pad cover and one (1) Autoguide cover, fitted either for the MammoTest or SageBrush system. 

Have everything you need right at your finger tips to perform biopsies.  The single use tray includes:  three (3) iodine swab sticks, 1 oz. of xylocaine (1%), two (2) syringes, two (2) needles, one (1) scalpel, gauze sponges. sponge forceps, specimen container, closure strips, procedure tray.

Call us:
 Call 1 (214) 295-8832 if you are looking for new equipment or selling yours.