Looking for Molecular Imaging Information and Products?

Bruker Corporation has purchased the preclinical in-vivo imaging equipment product portfolio and related assets from Carestream’s Molecular Imaging business.  Please visit Bruker.com for more information.

Carestream continues to operate its life science X-ray film business.  Information on our scientific film systems can be found on our film systems page.

New production of CARESTREAM Gel Logic and Image Station in-vitro products has been discontinued.

Carestream announces that, effective 30 September 2013, it will no longer offer service or support for the following Carestream Molecular Imaging products: 

Gel Logic 100
Gel Logic 112
Gel Logic 200
Gel Logic 212 Pro
Gel Logic 440
Gel Logic 1500
Gel Logic 2200
Gel Logic 2200 Pro
Gel Logic 4000
Gel Logic 6000 
  Image Station 440
Image Station 1000
Image Station 2000
Image Station 4000 R
Image Station 4000 R Pro
Image Station 4000 MM
Image Station 4000 MM Pro
Image Station 4000 FL
Image Station 4000 CFL

Carestream makes these service discontinuance notifications in accordance with their terms, which is on a best efforts basis and subject to parts availability. Certain key parts are no longer available due to reasons outside of Carestream’s control.