Chemicals, Developers, and Fixers

Chemicals, Developers and Fixers for Medical Films

RP X-OMAT Developer and Replenisher 
Carestream Health’s highest-quality, most versatile diagnostic film developer. Suitable for standard, rapid, and extended processing.

X-OMAT LE+ Developer and Replenisher 
Designed for standard and rapid processing with T-GRAIN Emulsion films. Easier on the environment, easier to use, and easier to mix than other developers.

X-OMAT EXII Developer and Replenisher 
Yields superb image quality on the viewbox and helps users comply with even the most stringent environmental regulations.

Medical X-Ray Developer and Replenisher 
Formulated for price-conscious customers, this developer and replenisher is made with the same quality controls used for high-performance processing chemicals.

RP X-OMAT LO Fixer and Replenisher 
Suitable for standard, rapid, extended, and manual processing, this versatile fixer is recommended for all diagnostic films, and other manufacturers' films.

Medical X-Ray Fixer and Replenisher  
Provides the assurance of quality for the price-conscious buyer.

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