Enhance your productivity with a portfolio of software options designed specifically for Carestream’s  DIRECTVIEW CR and DR systems.
Version 5 Software Product Brochure (PDF)

Tube and Line Visualization Software 
No more guessing on the position of tubes and PICC lines.  This proprietary software creates a companion image that is enhanced to give you a clear view of tubes and lines.  Product Brochure (PDF)

Administrative Analysis and Reporting Software 
Centralized information management enhances operations and performance.
Take control of your data with a dashboard view of your department's operations and patient care.  With Administrative Analysis software you can retrieve consolidated metrics from all networked  DirectView CR and DR systems.  Product Brochure  (PDF)

Advanced Trauma*
Speed trauma workflow using preset and predesigned exam/procedure codes.

Black Surround/Masking Software*
Easier viewing of images by masking the white collimated area.

DIRECTVIEW Capture Link System  
Capture Link allows you to link your CR and DR systems for improved workflow and increased productivity.
Product Brochure  (PDF) 

CR Mammography Feature
Present images from mammography cassettes using 50 micron pixels.
(Now available in U.S.!) 

DICOM Modality Work List
Boost technologist productivity by eliminating manual data entry.

DIRECTVIEW EVP Plus Software  
Allows for simple customization of image processing preferences that can be unique for different applications or for different end users.

Grid Detection and Suppression*
Improve image quality by automatically suppressing gridline artifacts.

IHE Scheduled Workflow
Increase productivity with consistent patient and ordering information.

CARESTEAM Image Suite Software  
A complete digital image acquisition and management solution – designed specifically for smaller clinics and private practices.

DIRECTVIEW Long Length Imaging Software
Perform long-bone imaging procedures using upright or supine equipment.

Low-Exposure Optimization*
Preserve diagnostic detail by reducing the appearance of quantum noise in areas of low exposure.

DIRECTVIEW CR Mammography Total Quality Tool  
Specifically designed for mammography requirements, an efficient and accurate way to verify and report mammography image quality—and avoid potential problems before they occur.
(not available in US, or on DR systems) 

Procedure Mapping*
Save time and keystrokes by defining and cataloging frequently used procedures.

DIRECTVIEW Remote Patient Data Entry Software   
Reduce radiographer workload by enabling data entry at the office PC.

Security Audit Log*
Login feature prevents unauthorized users from accessing data stored in the CR system.

DIRECTVIEW Total Quality Tool
Enables objective image tests and QC measurements with the same interface used for examinations.

* Software is standard on DR Systems with V5 software  

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