DRYVIEW Laser Imaging Film

DRYVIEW Laser Imaging Film is formulated specifically for DRYVIEW laser imagers and renders even higher quality images than current DRYVIEW laser imaging film. Producing superb images with lower noise, better density uniformity, and greater visibility of subtle detail to enhance your diagnostic confidence, DICOM compliant DRYVIEW Film can be used with all DRYVIEW Imagers, has a long shelf life, quick roomlight loading, and a large selection of film sizes.  

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  • Outstanding Diagnostic Image Quality
  • Sharp alphanumerics and continuous-tone images with exceptional spatial resolution, contrast, and grayscale levels; minimized noise and improved density uniformity in the emulsion
  • One Film Works with All DRYVIEW Imagers
  • Eliminate dual inventory management. No wet film processor required. Long shelf life streamlines inventory control and reduces purchasing frequency.
  • Save Time with Easy 10-Second Cartridge Loading
  • Daylight film cartridges load in under 10 seconds in full roomlight—no bag cutting or disposal. Cartridge recognition technology enables DRYVIEW Laser Imagers to recognize film type, size, and lot, as well as the number of sheets remaining.
  • Five Film Sizes for a Range of Imagers and Applications


Available Sizes