Improve diagnostic confidence with X-SIGHT films for general radiography. X-SIGHT films are the best general radiography films. Together with X-SIGHT screens, they provide the advanced X-SIGHT imaging system—with zero-crossover film technology and a wide dynamic range to minimize image blur.

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The X-SIGHT system delivers superb images with greater detail than even T-Mat films, as demonstrated by: 

  • A high level of x-ray detection efficiency extending to much finer detail
  • An approximately 70% improvement in line-pair visibility at 4% MTF

In fact, the X-SIGHT imaging system brings to general radiography the quality and performance of InSight systems for specific imaging applications. 

  • With little or no change in your exposure equipment or techniques
  • The symmetrical image capture system is easy to load and use without attention to emulsion-screen orientation.
  • Film changers are no problem.

Simplify product ordering, inventory, and supply logistics by standardizing all your functions on the X-SIGHT imaging system for a full range of general radiography needs. This system delivers superb results for procedures including:

  • GI/GU
  • Angiographic
  • Orthopedic
  • Thoracic


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