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David C. Westgate, Chairman, President and CEO

David C. Westgate David C. Westgate is Chairman, President and CEO of Carestream Health

David most recently was the chief executive officer at Jason Industries, Inc., a post he held since joining the company in 2004 through November of 2015. Throughout his tenure at Jason, Mr. Westgate worked to diversify the organization’s portfolio while emphasizing a culture of growth and innovation at all levels. In fact, under his leadership Jason experienced a tremendous increase in revenue and EBITDA. This growth had been accomplished through acquisitions, geographic diversification, operational improvements and a focus on the development of breakthrough innovations.

Key to Jason’s success is the implementation of the Jason Business System (JBS), a core set of principles and processes developed by Mr. Westgate that fosters best-in-class collaboration among Jason’s diverse business units. Through JBS, Jason has dramatically improved its voice of the customer efforts, advanced its talent development processes and significantly reduced working capital.

Prior to joining Jason, Mr. Westgate served as president and chief executive officer at Rieter Automotive Systems/Autoneum, a leading global supplier of systems solutions for the automotive industry, as well as president and chief executive officer at Solvay Automotive, Inc./Inergy Automotive Systems LLC, a leading global supplier of fuel and air management systems for the automotive industry. At both organizations, Mr. Westgate exhibited his talent for transforming underperforming businesses into powerhouses of efficiency and growth. Both Rieter and Solvay became highly rated suppliers under his leadership, while achieving record growth.

Mr. Westgate has substantial expertise managing the economic, cultural, and governance issues associated with large global corporations. He sits on the board of directors of Charter Manufacturing and Encore Repair Services and is a former Board member of the Milwaukee School of Engineering and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee. He holds an MBA from the University of Notre Dame.