JatkaKäytämme evästeitä parhaan käyttömukavuuden takaamiseksi sivuillamme. Voit selata Carestream sivuja vaikka evästeet eivät ole käytössä; Sivujen käyttö kuitenkin paranee huomattavasti, jos evästeet on aktivoitu. Jos jatkat muuttamatta asetuksia, hyväksyt kaikki evästeet. Voit kuitenkin muuttaa evästeiden asetusta milloin tahansa.

Jos haluat lisätietoja (tämä on linkki tietosuojakäytäntöömme, jossa on yksityiskohtaista tietoa kuinka käytämme evästeitä ja kuinka niiden asetuksia muutetaan).


Carestream Radiography Software Powered by Eclipse

Eclipse is the engine that drives Carestream’s CR and DR image processing software. Eclipse uses powerful, proprietary algorithms to provide automated and robust image processing. It is the foundation that enables numerous advanced viewing capabilities – including a single default look with multi-frequency processing, as well as automatically applied grid suppression. You can depend on Eclipse for superb diagnostic image quality and consistent presentation.

Learn more about how the power of Eclipse image processing can benefit you.

Eclipse Image Processing Options

  • EVP Plus
  • Tube and Line
  • Bone Suppression
  • Pneumothorax Visualization
  • Pediatric Processing
  • SmartGrid
  • Long Length Imaging
  • Dual Energy
  • Digital Tomosynthesis

EVP Plus

Supercharge your processing productivity with Enhanced Visualization Processing (EVP) Plus. It improves the efficiency of obtaining preferred looks by utilizing mutually independent parameter controls, provides multiple out-of-the-box looks and allows customization of looks to a site’s preferences. EVP Plus provides better noise control, sharpness, contrast and density while minimizing artifacts.

Most Popular Bright Detail Wide Latitude Fixed
(like analog film)
Most Popular
Most Popular
(medium latitude, increased detail and nominal sharpness)
Bright Detail
Bright Detail
(brighter, sharper, wider latitude with more soft-tissue detail)
Wide Latitude
Wide Latitude with good Detail and Sharpness
(slightly darker with less soft-tissue detail)

Tube and Line

Bone Suppression

Pneumothorax Visualization

Pediatric Processing


Long Length Imaging

Dual Energy

Digital Tomosynthesis

ImageView Software
ImageView Software

Designed using image and workflow intelligence with enhanced security, this platform delivers a single, robust interface saving time and enhancing ease of use to take productivity and patient care to new levels.

Carestream Software Refresh Plan

CARESTREAM Extend Program
CARESTREAM Extend Program

Take your legacy DR and CR systems to a higher level with a CARESTREAM DIRECTVIEW CR and DR software upgrade.

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CARESTREAM Smart Services 

Learn how our worldwide services team works alongside your professionals to keep your equipment running at peak performance.

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