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DIRECTVIEW CR Long-Length Imaging System

Enables productive, flexible and high-quality long-bone image capture with a DIRECTVIEW CR System. This easy-to-use accessory is ideal for hospitals and orthopedic clinics.

  • Includes wall-mounted vertical and convenient portable options
  • Supports high-volume soft copy viewing
  • Provides flexible options for printing to film

  • Features
  • Options
  • Specs



  • Eliminates the need to orient, order or align images.
  • Enables radiographers to view images from remote operations panel.
  • Distributes images automatically to networked destinations, such as workstations, PACS, RIS and HIS.

 High Image Quality

  • Extends image latitude without loss of detail contrast.
  • Processes images before they are distributed for soft-copy display or printing.
  • Produces long-bone images with few visible seams.

 Flexible Printing Options 

  • Sends images to laser printers for viewing as film hard copy.
  • Prints a reduced composite image on a single sheet of film, a true-sized segment, or multiple true-size segments to form a composite.
  • Sends a composite image to a workstation to apply electronic measurements, and prints or archives it with measurements included.