Taking workflow management to a new level with Carestream RIS

workflow managementHealthcare facilities struggle with the shortage of radiologists and other key personnel. Enterprise health systems endeavor to communicate critical patient data across numerous sites—often using a range of legacy systems from multiple manufacturers. More exams are being performed, generating more images to be managed, while the pressure to contain costs continues to grow.

It all points squarely at the need for improved workflow management—greater speed and higher efficiency, with no compromise in data accuracy or patient care. Carestream Health’s dynamic workflow management solution—CARESTREAM RIS—streamlines workflow from order entry to results distribution, while adapting to your workflow needs.

Our latest CARESTREAM RIS, which seamlessly integrates with CARESTREAM PACS, provides a Web-based workflow management solution that offers flexibility and scalability in a thin-client solution. Based on Microsoft® .NET connection software, our unified platform automates workflow management and enhances productivity, even across large multi-site enterprises. Its role-based intuitive GUI follows the user anytime anywhere, utilizing resources where they reside. Other benefits include …

Enhanced Configurability and Customization Capabilities
• Increase productivity by automating your workflow without standardizing it
• Displays graphics and commands intuitively; adapt content according to the logged-in individual and their role 

Optimized Staff and Equipment Resources
• Intuitive scheduling with graphical interface; “hot key” scheduling enhances productivity
• View availability of all clinical staff required when scheduling an exam; support for multiple locations

Advanced Sharing and Collaborating Efficiency 
• Structured reports standardize the presentation of information to help improve operational efficiency
• Reporting improved with interactive voice dictation, voice command and control, mouse-less reporting

For details on CARESTREAM RIS, please visit our RIS product page.