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Upgrade from a competitors NDT CR system (or ACR) to a New HPX-1 and get $15,000 in Industrex Products FREE.

Carestream NDT developed the INDUSTREX HPX-1 Digital System with you in mind! It’s the first computed radiography system built from the ground up to meet the needs of the non-destructive testing industry.

With this special promotion, we are making it easier than ever for you to own latest in high-tech NDT equipment! Investing in new technology that is cost-effective makes you more productive and more competitive, and that’s what makes your company more successful.

Q: How is the $15K in free goods applied?
 Customers who purchase a complete HPX-1 system are eligible to receive free Industrex products valued at a maximum of $15K (list price).  
  • Free products can be anything listed in our current Nondestructive Testing Price Catalog.
  • Calculation of free goods is based on List Prices only. No discounts are to be applied to the prices when calculating the free goods.
  • Free goods must be included on the same PO as the
  • Customers may also apply the $15K towards a future purchase of another HPX-1 that is purchased and delivered in 2012* 
  • All credit expires if not used by December 31, 2012

Q: What units are eligible to be traded in?
 Carestream Health NDT will accept any complete CR system (scanner, PC & monitor) from any manufacturer as a valid trade-in item. Contact Carestream Marketing (paul.biver@carestream.com) when you have an eligible trade-in unit to confirm where to have this shipped.
Q: How many units can a customer trade at once?
The number of new HPX-1 systems purchased dictates how many will be accepted in trade. Customers may trade in an equal number of competitive units (or ACR’s) as they purchase new HPX-1’s.
Q: Does this offer apply to dealers buying DEMO units at the standard discounted demo price?
No, this offer applies only to customers buying HPX-1’s at standard pricing.

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1) Credit valid on new complete HPX-1 systems only.
2) Rebate may be applied to a second HPX-1 system.
3) $15K value is calculated at current list price for goods.
4) Free goods must be ordered at the same time HPX-1 order is placed.
5) Not applicable to demonstration units.

Limited time promotion, can be terminated at anytime

*In this case, $15K list is discounted from the catalog list price of the unit prior to applying any discounts. Any further discounts are to be approved by sales management.