CARESTREAM Mammography PACS Set to Improve Breast Screening Service

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CARESTREAM Mammography PACS Set to Improve Breast Screening Service

Geneva, 9 October - Carestream Health UK has been awarded the contract to supply CARESTREAM PACS with high resolution diagnostic mammography workstations and integrated RIS, to Dorset Breast Screening Unit, as part of the expanding UK National Health Service Breast Screening programme.

The five CARESTREAM PACS mammography workstations will be based at Poole Hospital and produce high quality digital breast images that can be manipulated and enhanced for the radiologist to interpret in a way that is not possible with film-based conventional mammograms. The Dorset Breast Screening Unit, staffed by a team of dedicated mammography professionals, is responsible for providing a high quality mammographic service for over 96,000 women across the county of Dorset. Screening is mainly carried out on three mobile units, each of which will have its own image retrieval system.

Chris Woodgate, Radiology Manager at Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust said: ‘We are delighted that the move to digital is going ahead. We believe that Dorset women will be amongst the first in the country to benefit from a fully digital breast screening service.’

The CARESTREAM PACS has a robust architecture that will provide the best technical solution to support the unique workflow of the Breast Screening Programme. It will also help the Dorset Service with its planned age expansion programme, as Chris Woodgate explained: ‘Our  current breast screening programme routinely covers Dorset  women aged between 50 and 70. The move to full digital screening  will allow us to expand to those aged between 47 and 73 years, increasing our workload by 28%. The Carestream PACS system is so easy to use, which makes it more efficient. This will reduce our film reading times and help with the increased workload. For instance,’ she went on, ‘our film readers currently view images on roller viewers and have to move from viewer to viewer to film read screening clinics.’

The new image viewers will reduce the time they spend moving around. And the new Carestream PACS system will also create a much cleaner and pleasanter working environment. We can’t wait to start using it!’

Early detection of potential problems usually means less radical treatment and better long-term outcomes. The sooner a cancer can be detected, the more likely it is to be treatable. Full-field digital mammography is particularly suited to examining the dense breast tissue normally found in women under 50 years of age.

Chris Woodgate believes the CARESTREAM PACS will reduce film reading times from a current five days to between two and three days. ‘If we can see images earlier then we can report earlier, which will speed up the whole process. And that will mean we can improve our waiting times for call back appointments.’

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