Please contact one of the following Partners who will be pleased to
help you define and meet your exact requirements.


BCF Technology – veterinary x-ray equipment and ultrasound scanners.

Your veterinary ultrasound and veterinary X-ray people



TPS  Healthcare Group Ltd.
Full range of Carestream Film and Chemistry in Scotland



Wolverson X-ray Ltd. 
DRX-1 mobile wireless cassette for mobiles and new/ retrofit x-ray rooms  



Medray Imaging Systems 
Carestream Business Partner in Ireland, North and Republic. Entire Carestream product portfolio through Film, Chemistry, Lasers, CR, DRX-1, Evolution and HCIS. Service provider for Carestream IB.





Oncology Imaging Systems Ltd. 
Radiotherapy specialists: Simulation, Localisation and Verification film. CR systems



Ann Somerville Ltd.
Film and Chemistry