First Uk Installation Of Carestream Drx-1 Exceeds Expectations

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First Uk Installation Of Carestream Drx-1 Exceeds Expectations  

GENEVA, September 16 ― The first UK installation of the CARESTREAM DRX-1, the industry’s first wireless, cassette-size detector, has gone into service at the Countess of Chester Hospital in Cheshire and is already proving a great success.

Located on the outskirts of the city of Chester, the Countess of Chester is a 580-bed NHS Foundation Trust hospital catering for more than 400,000 patients a year. The Radiology department is one of the busiest in the hospital, with a minimum of two staff available at all times.

The department were already using a CARESTREAM DR 9500 and CARESTREAM DR7500, leaving ‘Room 6’ as the only non-digital examination room. With the installation of the CARESTREAM DRX-1, the Countess of Chester has now gained a DR-enabled room that combines low dosage radiation, wireless operation and higher quality images whilst offering significant  advantages in patient care.

Senior Radiographer Delyth Hughes is enthusiastic about the new DR system. “It’s brilliant,” she said. “ We love using it and if we could have this set-up in every room it would be wonderful! And the manufacturer’s throughput claims are all true. The DRX-1 is much more efficient than CR, which makes a significant difference in our department,” she added.

“Overall the use of DR technology has cut our waiting times by up to 80% over the last 12 months with the average wait now being 10 minutes. The DRX-1 enhances this further; now we can stand in the same room as a patient and ensure we’ve got the right shots without sending them in and out of waiting rooms and process their results much faster.”

Because of its flexibility the DRX-1 is being used for all examinations but is proving particularly useful for post-operative imaging such as hips and AP chests, where patients are still in a fragile state. It is also working well for NG tube and foreign body localisation where edge detail can be post processed, providing significantly more information.

The detector plate of the DRX-1 is easy to manipulate and position and results can be accessed almost immediately, without having to leave the room. This means that the operator remains in view at all times, able to reassure and monitor their patient..

Delyth summed up: “We really didn’t know what to expect from the DRX1 but it has exceeded every expectation possible, completely replacing CR cassettes in Room 6 and making our lives so much easier. We’d love to have this much flexibility in every room – providing you’ve got the right hardware there is literally nothing that it can’t be used for.”


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