Improve workflow by providing a centralized image review platform.  Achieve an immediate cost savings by reducing or eliminating film.

  • Expands the reach of CR and DR systems by providing an  affordable entry point into softcopy review
  • Optimize film use to reduce costs with intelligent layout arrangement of images to best suit the film size
  • Options for archiving, low-cost RIS integration, and orthopedic templating

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Designed to work with Carestream Health's CR and DR Systems

Flexible and affordable image review expands the reach of CR and DR systems

Receive, store, review, and output images from any DICOM-compliant modality

Expand the reach of digital imaging modalities with this flexible, affordable workstation

Optimize film use and reduce film costs

Stored images can be reviewed and manipulated, using advanced image processing software, then formatted to create the most efficient image size and composition, significantly reducing film usage and cost.

Intuitive interface that is quick to learn and easy to use

In addition, diagnostic capability is enriched by a set of integrated measurement and manipulation tools.