Joint Township District Memorial Hospital

St Marys, Ohio

Joint Township is a 110-bed hospital in a rural county almost 100 miles northwest of Columbus. In addition to FFDM, it performs breast ultrasound and breast-specific gamma imaging exams. The women’s imaging center, which is part of the radiology department, conducts 4,000 diagnostic and screening mammograms a year. It performs general radiology and mammography reading on two CARESTREAM workstations.

When RIS/PACS Coordinator Rob Homan and his team evaluated PACS platforms several years ago, mammography tools were part of the selection process. “We knew we would be adding FFDM in the future. So as we viewed PACS demonstrations, we specifically asked to see each workstation’s mammography viewing tools.”

Homan selected a CARESTREAM PACS based in part upon its mammography functionality. “The mammography tools offered by Carestream Health’s PACS platform and its workstation meet, and in many cases exceed, other vendors’ capabilities. Our radiologists are extremely pleased with its ease of use and time-saving viewing features.”

The PACS offers an efficient mammography workflow since the multi-modality workstation allows radiologists to read all breast imaging and general radiography exams. Two key features—customizable hanging protocols and a programmable mouse—greatly enhance radiologists’ productivity and satisfaction.

“I customized hanging protocols for each radiologist. Being able to maintain their preferred reading pattern helped each radiologist become both comfortable and productive using the workstation,” Homan explains.

Homan also programmed the mouse’s eight keys with the most common commands, including smart and quad zoom, view in full resolution, activate/deactivate CAD, and move between panels.

“Our RIS/PACS administrator created my protocols to mimic the image presentation I was used to with film. This made it very easy to transition to a digital environment,” said Radiologist Eric Jelinger, MD. “I also appreciate being able to initiate commands with the mouse while continuously viewing images.”

Dr. Jelinger adds that these conveniences pale in comparison to being able to use a single workstation. “The patient worklist is varied. I may go from reading a lumbar spine to a diagnostic breast ultrasound and then a chest CT. If I had to go to a different workstation, log in and adjust to a different interface it would be extremely difficult.

With Carestream Health’s workstation, I have everything I need at my fingertips and I never have to leave my chair.”