Our focus is your success 

When you succeed, we succeed. As our valued customer, you are the beginning and the end of everything we do. We understand your needs and exceed your expectations. Our employees make a personal commitment to deliver the best customer experience in the industry through consistency in our daily work and interactions with you.

Carestream’s customer experience vision:

“We strive to provide life changing experiences through world class service and innovative solutions.”

Our goal is to ensure customer success by providing the absolute best customer experience.

  • We are committed to behaviors that will create a customer centric culture.
  • We may send a web survey to understand our customers’ experiences.
  • We analyze, identify, and implement ways to improve customer experience across all activities in our organization.
  • We use metrics to track our progress.
  • We recognition employees that demonstrate customer focus, and exceed customer expectations.

What is a Customer Champion?

A customer champion is any Carestream employee who goes above and beyond to deliver you the absolute best experience. We receive over 2000 nominations per year, and greatly appreciate our customers taking the time to recognize these outstanding employees.

Employee Commitment

Our employees make a personal pledge to be a champion for your success:

  • HELPFUL - We will be helpful at all times and make decisions with your best interests in mind.
  • EXCEED - We will exceed your expectations, going the extra mile to ensure your experience is the absolute best it can be.
  • RESPECT - We will treat you with respect. We will explain issues clearly, listen to you and never talk down to you.
  • OUTSTANDING - We will deliver the best customer experience by working to our maximum potential — consistently demonstrating pride in our work.

If you have a concern or problem, you can expect us to utilize the LEARN process:

  • LISTEN - Listen intently to what you are saying. Repeat the issue or problem back to you to test understanding.
  • EMPATHIZE - Put ourselves in your shoes and imagine how you are feeling.
  • APOLOGIZE - Take responsibility and make no excuses.
  • RESPOND - Commit to you that we will try to resolve your issue. Indicate what actions will be taken and provide you with a plan for how the issue will be handled. Follow-up to ensure your needs have been met.
  • NOTIFY - Inform the proper internal teams about your issue and the actions taken so our teams can respond, and improvements can be made in the future.

We look forward to our continued relationship and to your success.

We are not yet where we want to be… we have opportunities to improve and we are committed to that effort. Because your feedback is important to help us gauge how we are doing, you may receive a follow up survey in your email, for any of your experiences with Carestream.