CARESTREAM RIS software—Automating workflow every step of the way

RIS software has emerged as a critical anchor of the diagnostic imaging environment, improving radiology department productivity, workflow and patient care. With thousands of installations worldwide, Carestream Health is a leading provider of RIS software solutions that offer a new approach for automating workflow in your enterprise.

RIS SoftwareOur latest CARESTREAM RIS, which seamlessly integrates with CARESTREAM PACS, provides a Web-based solution offers flexibility and scalability in a thin-client solution. Our flexible unified platform based on Microsoft® .NET connection software automates radiology workflow and enhances productivity, even across large multi-site enterprises. Its role-based intuitive GUI follows the user anytime anywhere, utilizing resources where they reside. Other benefits include …

Enhanced Configurability and Customization Capabilities
• Increase productivity by automating your workflow without standardizing it
• Displays graphics and commands intuitively; adapt content according to the logged-in individual and their role 

Optimized Staff and Equipment Resources
• Intuitive scheduling with graphical interface; “hot key” scheduling enhances productivity
• View availability of all clinical staff required when scheduling an exam; support for multiple locations

Advanced Sharing and Collaborating Efficiency
• Structured reports standardize the presentation of information to help improve operational efficiency
• Reporting improved with interactive voice dictation, voice command and control, mouse-less reporting

For details on CARESTREAM RIS software, please visit our RIS product page.