Radiology Imaging Systems

Radiology Imaging SystemsRegardless of your facility’s radiology imaging system needs, we can help. Medical providers large and small—from clinics and single hospitals to large networks—are advancing their radiology imaging systems using Carestream Health’s medical imaging and IT solutions.

Our radiology imaging systems are present in a multitude of hospitals worldwide, and we own more than 1,000 patents for medical and dental imaging and information technology. With a portfolio of solutions that is among the best in the world, we offer scalable radiology systems for every step of diagnostic imaging—from exam ordering, image capture and diagnosis to results distribution, billing and beyond.

• More digital choices for imaging—from general radiology imaging to specialty applications like mammography, oncology, orthopedics and CAD
• Integrated RIS/PACS and information management solutions that combine images and patient information for processing, diagnosis, sharing and storage
• Flexible computed radiography and digital radiography solutions that solve workflow, budget and space challenges while reducing procedure times
• Market-leading laser imagers for printing medical images of all types: CT, MRI, ultrasound, CR and DR
• A broad range of professional services including project and remote management, as well as training and education

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