CARESTREAM PACS Imaging—Location is no longer an issue

PACS Imaging has emerged as a critical anchor of the diagnostic imaging environment, improving radiology department productivity, workflow and patient care. With thousands of installations worldwide, Carestream Health is a leading provider of RIS and PACS imaging solutions.

Our PACS imaging solutions deliver an integrated reading and reporting experience—enabling healthcare professionals to collaborate seamlessly across multiple sites, platforms and clinical specialties to provide timely, quality patient care at reduced costs.

Our latest CARESTREAM PACS off¬ers a range of PACS imaging features for reducing costs and enhancing productivity while ensuring data integrity.

• A unified virtual desktop consolidates reading, review, archiving, and sharing of all DICOM and non-DICOM images and clinical data.

• High data security and enhanced business continuity with a patient-centric enterprise data repository that connects all imaging systems into one single managed entity.

• Single-point access to all clinical content for radiologists, referring physicians, and other clinicians, eliminating the need – and expense – of purchasing, learning, and maintaining multiple workstations and interfaces.

• A scalable web-based platform that enables “anytime, anywhere” access to all relevant patient information and tools – so you maximize resource utilization by eliminating limitations on where work can occur.

• One graphical user interface (GUI) facilitates all reading including 3D processing and advanced clinical tools, eliminating the need for expensive, dedicated modality workstations and saving the time traditionally spent switching between systems or communicating between sites.

For details on the CARESTREAM PACS imaging solution, please visit our PACS product page.