INDUSTREX Chemical Kits for Manual Film Processing


INDUSTREX Chemical Kits for Manual Film Processing

Carestream NDT’s Odorless Manual Processing Chemical Kits take the guesswork and the smell out of manual processing. Each kit is designed with exactly the right amount of chemicals to fill a normal 10 -gallon (40L) developer and fixer mobile lab tank system (including stop bath and rinse solution). Just empty the chemicals into the tank and top it off with water for precisely the right mix. Replenisher is also included to top off the tanks when needed.
INDUSTREX Chemical Kits for Manual Film

Features and Specifications 

Easy to use and mix - single part liquid concentrates:

  • Developer kit includes Developer, Replenisher, and Stop Bath
  • Fixer kit includes Fixer, Replenisher and  Rinse Solution
  • Each developer and fixer kit makes 40L/10 Gallons of processing solutions, a single kit fills a standard tank
  • Each kit comes with mini-bottles of replenisher concentrate to make 8L/2 gallons of replenisher
  • Rinse Solution eliminates water spotting and drying marks on processed radiographs

Space is at a premium in mobile labs and conditions change hourly.

Routine contamination of the chemicals can contribute to poor image quality and the need to change out chemical tanks regularly. In mobile situations water supply is scarce, measuring tools for mixing are difficult to find and if you didn’t plan it well you might not have the right amount of chemicals to get the job done.

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