RSNA 2021

RSNA 2021

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Carestream RSNA 2021

Get ready for the show

In person or virtual, there's a lot to do and see in Carestream's booth at RSNA 2021! Schedule your RSNA appointment now to get a personalized demonstration at this year's show.

X-ray Rooms

Smart ideas, new features

Experience the increased tabletop range, flexibility of our extended tube-column and greater visibility of our larger display on the tube head on the DRX-Evolution Plus. Check out the new floor-mount option for our popular DRX-Compass X-ray System.

Smart Rooms. Watch how AI-driven Smart Technique automatically detects the patient’s size to apply proper Exposure Technique. See our AI-drive Smart Workflow that includes Smart Technique and Smart Collimation.

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RSNA Bedside

Bedside Imaging

Our mobile imaging solutions will keep you on the move

Start by taking our DRX-Revolution for a twirl! Position the enhanced tube head and collimator faster than before. Feel how they are smaller, lighter and better balanced for easier use. Hear the difference in our quieter brakes and drive motors.Notice the difference in its more responsive display screen.

New! The Ziehm Vision RFD C-arm. Experience its nimble and unique easy-drive system. Take some measurements. It has a 33” arm opening, a small footprint for saving space and speeding workflow - and a 32” monitor featuring exceptional brightness and contrast.

Imaging Software

Powered by Eclipse with AI 

See the visible results when AI is applied to image processing – including noise cancellation. Artificial Intelligence is no longer an abstract promise. The Eclipse Engine puts AI into indisputable action — driving concrete, measurable results through Imaging Intelligence, Workflow Intelligence and Analytics Intelligence.

rsna software
rsna detectors

DR Detectors

Want to shed a few pounds?

Pick up our glass-free Lux 35 Detector that weighs almost 2 pounds less than DRX-Plus Detectors. Run a finger over its rounded edges. Then take a stand – next to our DRX-L Detector for long-length imaging in a single shot. Browse our full line of DR Detectors to find the one that fits your workflow and your budget.


The Smart Way to Go Digital

Carestream Capture-to-Print bundles help radiology facilities increase productivity, improve their workflow and enhance patient care. The Carestream suite of Digital Radiography (DR) Detectors and Computed Radiography (CR) solutions provide a flexible, easy transition to digital when bundled with DRYVIEW Laser Imagers. Combined with the CARESTREAM Focus 35C/43C Detectors and Image Suite Software, radiology departments can quickly harness a powerful yet affordable digital radiography to print solution.

digital output
Retrofit RSNA

DR Retrofit

Going digital has never been easier

Still have lots of life left in your current X-ray imaging equipment, but need the speed and efficiency of DR workflow?  Our DR retrofit systems are just the solution you have been looking for.  You can move to full wireless DR imaging at a fraction of the cost of purchasing all brand new systems.  We have retrofit systems for rooms, mobiles and a solution that will do both!  Leverage the investment in your existing equipment while gaining all the benefits DR workflow provides.

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