Carestream DRX Detectors

DR Detectors

Carestream provides a number of DR detector options. Choose from a variety of detectors like our new glass-free Lux 35 Detector, our family of shareable DRX Plus Detectors, or choose our affordable way to upgrade to full wireless digital imaging with our Focus Detectors.

Lux 35 Detector

Lux 35 Detector

Sleek. Glass-free. Lightweight.

Meet the all new Lux 35 Detector. Its innovative design replaces glass with a lighter, more durable material. This makes it the lightest detector in our portfolio – so it’s easier to carry and position, helping minimize technologist muscle strain and fatigue.

The ergonomic design, light weight and rounded edges are especially helpful when doing bedside imaging. The Lux 35 also offers strategically placed finger grips to make transport and positioning easier still – and together, lighter weight and a better grip can reduce the frequency and cost of drops and breakage.

DRX Plus Detectors

Faster. Lighter. Exceptional Innovation.

With the original DRX Detector, Carestream introduced the world’s first wireless, cassette-sized detector. Today’s DRX Plus Detectors are even faster, lighter and more reliable*. Based on the X-Factor platform, they’re shareable across our entire DRX Family of X-ray solutions – and slide into virtually any existing X-ray system.

*As compared to DRX-1 Detectors

DRX Detectors
DRX-L Detector

DRX-L Detector

Faster Long-Length Exams – with a Single Exposure.

Capturing high-quality, long-length images of legs or spine can be difficult – especially with pediatric patients or patients with limited mobility who find it hard to remain still for an extended period of time. The DRX-L Detector allows capture of long-length images with a single exposure.

Focus Detectors

Breaking the cost barriers to wireless, DR Imaging

Stepping up to full digital X-ray is a tremendous way to speed your workflow, increase productivity and support a higher standard of care. But if you’re a smaller facility, the cost of upgrading can be a real barrier.

No longer, Meet our new, Focus 35C and 43C Detectors, powered by advanced Image Suite Software.

Focus Detectors

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