RSNA 2023

Ideas That Clearly Work

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Improve Clinical Outcomes

We're in this together.

What compels all of us to converge in Chicago at RSNA every year? Why do we cross state lines or traverse continents?

We're all here because we champion the essential and fundamental role of medical imaging. Without it, interventional procedures might be less targeted and less effective. A tumor might go undiagnosed. A broken vertebrae might not be properly fused. An informed accurate diagnosis based in part on a quality radiograph can lead to improved clinical outcomes.

Enhance the User & Patient Experience

We understand what you’re up against.

We recognize that your challenges are growing in number and complexity. The heartbreaking COVID pandemic left staffing shortages in its wake – at the same time demands for imaging are increasing.

New care alternatives and megamergers have heightened competition for patients who are more cost conscious and price aware as a result of their higher deductibles and the Price Transparency Rule. As if that wasn’t enough, Medicare bases its reimbursement in part on patient satisfaction ratings.

Strengthen Financial Health

We’ve got your back.

We are relentless in our pursuit to give radiologists clearer diagnostic images. We deliver advanced smart features for radiographers to execute quicker, more comfortable exams – increasing both patient satisfaction and confidence. Plus our automated, ergonomic features help radiographers complete exams in less time and with less fatigue – leaving more time for patient interaction.

Plus, we bolster your budget by delivering cost-effective, future-proof solutions that evolve with your changing needs. Your patients and staff rely on you. You can rely on Carestream.

Visit us in the South Hall Booth #2511.