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Coming up with an idea for a new imaging technology is a great start — but the process doesn’t end there. True innovation means transforming that idea into a solution that provides vital, quantitative gains — then continuing to improve and enhance it over time to make your work easier and more productive.

That’s our expertise here at Carestream. We create imaging technology you can trust for Improved Outcomes, Lower Costs and an Enhanced Patient Experience.

DR X-ray Rooms

Scalable Design and Modular Components

Look to Carestream for the ultimate in high-performance, cost-effective X-ray rooms. Our scalable design and modular components allow you to design a room to fit your specific needs.

Navigate new directions in performance. Are you ready to reap the benefits of a full X-ray suite? But concerned over technology obsolescence in the future? Then here’s an idea that truly works, the DRX-Compass X-ray System.

  • High-quality images support confident, accurate diagnoses and positive outcomes.
  • Scalable, upgradeable technology helps eliminate the cost of technology obsolescence.
  • Advanced Smart Features automate tasks to speed workflow and lower costs.

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Mobile Imaging Systems

Versatility Meets Value

Our DRX-Revolution redefined mobile imaging with its superb maneuverability and telescoping column. Now, the new DRX-Rise Mobile X-ray System is here! The DRX-Rise is a fully integrated mobile unit that delivers the key benefits of mobile DR — without compromising your budget. This powerful system will help you reach new levels of performance, productivity and image quality.

  • Allows high-quality DR images to be captured directly at the patient's bedside to support accurate diagnosis.
  • Lithium-Ion batteries, combined with detector in bin charging, streamline workflow and boosts productivity by ensuring the system is always ready to go and able to keep pace with the heavy mobile demands of today.
  • DR Bedside imaging minimizes disruptive trips to the X-ray room for the patient, while faster exams support rapid diagnosis and commencement of treatment.

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Imaging Software

Intelligence in Action

Eclipse is the engine that drives Carestream’s imaging software. It leverages AI technology and proprietary algorithms for optimal image quality and workflow efficiency.

  • ImageView powered by Eclipse pairs with our Diagnostic Imaging Systems to offer features such as AI-based Smart Noise Cancellation — minimizing noise for superb image clarity.
  • Workflow-Enhancement capabilities automate manual tasks, streamline processes and support technologist productivity to save time and money.
  • Image Quality-Enhancement features help reduce retakes and speed exam times — for happier, more relaxed patients.

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DR Detectors and Retrofit Solutions

Setting New Standards in Efficiency and Reliability

Want to move to full wireless DR imaging at a fraction of the cost of purchasing brand new systems? Our retrofit systems and DR Detectors combine to make it happen. And our full portfolio of DR detectors allows you to choose the one that is just right for your workflow and your budget. .

Meet our first glass-free medical detector — the Lux 35 Detector weighs almost 2 pounds less than DRX-Plus Detectors. It makes life easier for both radiographers and patients. .

  • Extra-light weight and built-in finger grips reduce radiographer fatigue and boost productivity.
  • X-Factor design means the detector can be shared across all DRX equipment.
  • Rounded corners and beveled edges provide more comfort when placing the detector behind or under the patient.

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Capture-to-Print Solutions

The Smart Way to Go Digital

Carestream Capture-to-Print Solutions provide superb image quality, cost-efficient workflow and enhanced patient care.

  • Space-saving design, affordability and superb image quality make the DRYVIEW Laser Imagers ideal for a variety of CR and DR-to-print applications.
  • Bundling Focus 35C/43C Detectors with any of our DRYVIEW Laser Imagers delivers a complete, fully digital capture-to-print solution.
  • Capture-to-Print Solutions help radiology facilities increase productivity, improve their workflow and enhance patient care.

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Service and Support

Focused on Your Success

Our worldwide technical and professional services team works alongside your people to ensure your equipment is running at its peak performance.

  • Customizable Carestream Service Plans mean you can count on peerless support, without disruptions or gaps, at a remarkably affordable price.
  • Smart Link remote technology is a highly secure remote connection enabling expert technical support for your Carestream solutions -- anytime, anywhere.
  • High-quality training in a variety of settings and formats, including on-site applications training and classroom courses at Carestream Technology and Innovation Centers in North America and Europe.

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Our Virtual Hospital and Virtual Clinic is open 24/7! See all our imaging solutions in their clinical environments; download product information; and chat with Carey, our Virtual Assistant!

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