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Smart Room

What Can AI do for You?

Advanced Smart Features and Smart Room Assist can help streamline workflow and boost your productivity for faster, more efficient exams and improved diagnostic confidence.

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Smart Room

Average reject rate reduction of 16%

Positioning issues showed the largest reject rate reduction in customer site evaluations using Carestream DR Smart Room Assist features.
Customers realized an average reject rate reduction of 16% from their current rates during customer site evaluations using Carestream DR Smart Room Assist features.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“The Patient Picture feature within Smart Room Assist is useful to radiographers when the exam requires a challenging patient position. Radiologists can see the difficulty of positioning when the image was captured.”

“Positioning Overlay shows us the detector boundaries so we can adjust if needed for optimum patient positioning which improves image consistency.”

“The workflow and efficiency features of Smart Room Assist help our radiographers complete exams more quickly.”

“The camera for live Patient Position Monitoring is awesome, especially for verifying the positions of children. It helps us ensure that the patient has remained in the required position prior to imaging, thus reducing the likelihood of retakes.”

Smart Positioning

The Power of AI

Save time and boost productivity with our Advanced Smart Features

Intelligence in Action

Smart Patient Positioning:
Correct and verify patient positioning with a live camera view for more accurate alignment and consistent image acquisition.

Smart Auto Positioning:
Ensure the correct positioning with automated wall stand and tube head movements.

Smart Technique:
Reduce overexposures and enable faster dose setting with automated acquisition technique selection.

Smart Collimation:
Improve image consistency and reduce anatomy clipping and retakes with automated collimator blade movement.

Your High-Performance Assistant

Automate tasks to simplify your workflow with our Smart Room Assist features

Bi-directional Audio Assist:
Guide patients through the procedure using an audio link with customizable audio guidance presets.

Patient-Position Monitoring:
Remotely monitor patients from the operator console using a live-camera view.

Video Assist:
Guide patients into the proper position and minimize close interactions with a supplemental monitor

Patient Picture:
Capture photos of the patient from the console, during the exam, for additional clinical context.

Virtual Collimation:
Reduce intensity and improve imaging consistency by adjusting the collimation directly from the operator console.

Virtual Long Length Imaging:
Reduce retakes with automated LLI exposure from the operator console. 

Positioning Overlay:
Enable optimal patient positioning with Automatic Exposure Control cells on the operator console.

Align Assist:
Easily view detector and tube head angles for optimal patient alignment and faster workflow.

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