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A single software solution for greater productivity

You rely on Carestream CR and DR systems for quality image capture. CARESTREAM DIRECTVIEW V5 DR and CR Software eliminates the need to use multiple programs, and offers a broad range of options to meet your specific needs. Powered by our Eclipse Engine, this robust software offers:

  • One common platform to support more consistent exposures and fewer retakes.
  • High-quality diagnostic images in less time.
  • Reliable and secure performance for IT departments.
  • Greater productivity and ROI.
  • Faster diagnosis and enhanced care for patients.
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DirectView Software
Intelligence in Action

Eclipse with AI – Adding Value Across The Entire Imaging Chain

Eclipse is the engine that drives Carestream’s imaging software. Eclipse uses AI technology and proprietary algorithms to significantly increase the value of the entire imaging chain, from capture to diagnosis. Today, Eclipse powers features for Imaging Intelligence, Workflow Intelligence, and Analytics Intelligence.

  • See how Eclipse powers a variety of image processing features.

Features and Specifications

Image Quality
  • Advanced quality control capabilities ensures the overall excellence of your radiographic images.
  • Sophisticated image processing options enable a wide range of advanced clinical viewing capabilities.
  • Carestream’s image-processing technology helps reduce noise for greater clarity.
  • Incorporates protection features to help shield you from unauthorized access, theft of information, violation of confidential patient records and the potential for serious financial consequences.
  • A simplified user interface reduces the time required to complete a procedure.
  • Robust on-screen help feature allows for immediate problem resolution and minimizes support time.
  • Allows the use of jump drives and CD/DVD – for fast and easy image export and transport.
Specialty Applications
  • Mammography: Carestream’s proprietary algorithms increase software performance for clearer identification of micro calcifications.
  • Pediatrics: Dose monitoring is critical; DIRECTVIEW offers reliable measurement and tracking with the IEC standard Exposure Index feature to ensure you are within range.
  • Orthopaedics: Long-Length Imaging includes automatic stitching, providing seamless images in less time – no need to manually align images.

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